Shhhh. Listen.

What is the world saying?

Everything has a story to tell to shatter the silence. Light and shadow find their voice through the camera lens of award-winning photographer, Kirsten Lee.

Kirsten was born in Lexington, KY, an appropriate birthplace for an avid equestrian. Her pursuit of equines and images has taken her along the eastern seaboard, from New Hampshire to Florida. Kirsten returned to her family roots in wild, wonderful West Virginia to establish Almost Heaven Horse Source, a natural horsemanship training facility, and Laughing Gypsy Photography.

Denise Wenner, a local collector of Kirsten’s imaging, points out: “A master chef can add depth to a basic recipe and masterfully enhance simple food, turning it into something special and amazing for the palate by combining flavors and textures. Kirsten enhances and adds depth to an image by pulling together light and shadow, color and form. She is able to call forth the beauty and uniqueness of whatever she is shooting in the moment and create something special and amazing.

“The inner essence of person or place are revealed. Seemingly inanimate objects come to life. A fallen tree becomes a mythical RiverStag. A butterfly on a bush begins to glow with fairy dust. Kirsten finds that spark that tells the story and brings it to life on paper.”

Kirsten is embarking on a new story, an exploration of old lands, newly threatened. "Pictures, Parks and Promises" is a journey into our nations public lands and national parks. Kirsten listens for their stories, their essense, and their tumultuous history. In the listening and retelling, she looks with hope to reunite viewers' hearts to wilderness, inspiring activism & stewardship through expression!